Active Calendar: Online Calendar Software for Complex Business Needs

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Finally, an online calendar solution that can handle your business's most complex calendar challenges.

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We Are Not Another Outlook or Google Calendar.

Are you frustrated with the limitations of traditional online calendar software? We understand your pain! With Active Calendar, we'll help you tackle your calendar chaos.

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  • Take control of out-of-control scheduling and registration tools that just don’t look good.

  • Publish once and share everywhere with our built-in sharing/syndication feature that lets you filter by category and location.

  • Grant permission for unlimited people to post and update your calendar, with your approval, of course.

  • Make some calendars private, secure and password-protected while showing other calendars to everyone.

Take Back Control of Your Calendar Chaos.

Finding the right software for complex calendar management can be overwhelming. Not to fear. Active Calendar's powerful features were made to be flexible, so you can take back control of your out-of-control online calendars.

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Create multiple calendars with one central location.

Merge information from multiple calendars to one master calendar to simplify content control and increase engagement.
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Customize your branding
and functionality.

We’ve transformed what a traditional online calendar can be. There’s no better way to promote your brand and increase site traffic.
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Share and publish data
from your calendar.

Double your exposure through website feeds, social sharing and more! With Active Calendar there are endless ways to share.
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Drive engagement and
user adoption.

Our process is so easy, we’ll make you look good. Our team of complex calendar experts will help guide you to success.

An Active Calendar
that meets
Your Complex Needs.

Do you need one calendar that everyone can see, 25 calendars that only a few people can see, or a million calendars that you need x-ray vision to see? There is no calendar crisis that is too complex!

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"If there were an emoji capable of expressing my gratitude for your help, I would send you an e-mail filled with that emoji. Probably repeated one thousand times or more. Since such an emoji doesn't exist, I'll simply offer my sincere thanks. It worked great."

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