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100% Data Encryption

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We Keep Your Calendar Data Secure

Anything less than 100% data encryption leaves your data vulnerable to attackers. As calendar experts, we ensure that your valuable information is secure at rest, in transit, during backups and everything in between. When it comes to your business’s data, why should you settle for anything less?

The one area that thwarts and denies hackers is when strong encryption is used to protect data. We fully embrace this type of security, and take pride in knowing that businesses can feel an extra sense of safety for their company and customer data when using our solution.

–  David Van Allen, President

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Take Your Security a Step Further

Encrypting all of the data all of the time makes your organization’s effort to comply with any industry specific security standards much easier. Healthcare embraces HIPAA and HITECH laws, education complies with the federal FERPA laws, and payment card transactions rely on the PCIDSS standard – Active Calendar fits within all of those environments. Business's and other organizations who may not have specific industry security standards to follow, will appreciate Active Calendar’s built-in encryption.