Active Calendar: Flexible and Powerful Calendars



Advanced Calendar

Private and Public Calendars

Private calendars keep your information secure and only available by logging in, while public calendars are accessible to everyone at any time.

Multi-User Access

Grant an unlimited amount of team members varied levels of access to your Active Calendar account.

Categories, Locations, and Custom Fields

Manage and edit categories and locations so that people can search and filter to easily find what they are looking for.


With multiple views to choose from, you can choose the look that suits your calendar needs best and customize it to match your brand.

Enhanced SEO

Calendar listings are automatically enhanced to show up on Google and other search engines.


Use your organization's existing login and automatically sign in authenticated users to their Active Calendar.


Access your calendar data through your favorite programming languages or web browser.

Media Library and Attachments

Upload and publish images and important documents to events within your calendar.

Over The Top
User Engagement

Social Sharing

You and your site visitors can easily link to social accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to name a few, and spread the word.

Centralized Information

A master calendar makes sure everyone can find the information they’re looking for in the same location every time.

Calendar Feeds

Create multiple calendar feeds on your organization’s website and double your exposure.

Public Event Submission

Co-workers and community members can add calendar information and you can approve it before it is published.

Digital Signage

Display calendar details on monitors throughout your organization and update them remotely.


Our solution adjusts to look great on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Event Registration
And Ticketing

Free or Paid Tickets and Registrations

Create and manage online tickets and registrations for your events or meetings at your convenience.

Online Payment

Create more efficiency by collecting payments online through payment gateways like PayPal, Tempus Technologies, TrustCommerce,, Touchnet and Payflow Pro.

Custom Questions

Add questions to the online registration form to collect more data from your audience and then download a CSV of the findings.

In-App Email Reminders

Automatically send plain-text emails to your event attendees to let them know about any changes or reminders for the event.

QR Scanner

Each event ticket or registration is created with a unique QR code so you can speed up the attendee check-in process and scan them in.

Third Party Integrations

Google Analytics

Get even more data from your Active Calendar by syncing it with your Google Analytics account.

Constant Contact

Automatically sync attendee lists to your Constant Contact marketing lists and create beautifully designed communications.

Google Maps

Integrate Google maps as a major component of your calendar and an appealing visual for your audience.


Integrate calendar feeds from Active Calendar into CampusTours interactive maps.

From the Mouths of Heroes.

"By connecting Google Analytics to our Active Calendar, it’s been interesting to see that we have a significant amount of visitors from other parts of the country. We really expected mostly local visits to the calendar site."

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