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The Challenge

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Our Solution

"Google and Outlook work great to maintain my personal calendars, but I’m looking for a centralized, shared calendar that can be maintained by multiple people and departments within my organization."

Active Calendar lets you select an unlimited amount of administrative users to create, centralize and publish information, keeping everyone on the same page.

"I’m looking for a calendar that not only organizes my information by date and time, but also helps me to promote the activities and events taking place at my organization."

Our online, responsive, public calendar helps you enhance engagement among employees, clients and community members. Each calendar is assigned a unique URL that you can share via social media, email or on your organization’s website.

"I need a public-facing calendar, but I also need a private calendar that only certain people in my organization have access to."

It’s easy to create a private Active Calendar and assign administrative access to specific team members. You can also create private events on a public-facing calendar that are only visible when someone is logged in and has permission to view private events.

"I need a way to centralize information from multiple calendars to one master calendar."

Active Calendar is the perfect master calendar. You can have multiple calendar sites and roll up information to one centralized calendar where everyone can find what they are looking for.

"I’m using a calendar solution that has done a great job helping me to promote my events, but it has missed the mark when selling online tickets or registrations."

With Active Calendar you can offer online paid or free tickets and registrations to your events and meetings. We support multiple payment gateways including PayPal, Payflow Pro, and

"I have so many events on my calendar that visitors are having a hard time finding what they’re looking."

Active Calendar is fully equipped with a customizable search bar that lets your site visitors filter through categories, locations, custom fields, or key words to quickly find what they’re looking for.

"A robust calendar solution like Active Calendar is exactly what my organization needs, but I’m worried about user adoption and gaining executive buy-in."

We provide our clients with multiple levels of support right from the start. We’ll help you showcase exactly how a robust calendar solution like Active Calendar is the perfect way to eliminate chronic calendar pain, create more organizational efficiency, and save money.

"My organization doesn’t have the resources to host calendar software on the premises. We’re looking for a product that takes care of our needs without having to purchase, install, and configure software."

Active Calendar is a cloud-based, SaaS subscription hosted on Microsoft Azure. This type of environment provides our customers with a low-risk, secure data center with ongoing maintenance of servers and IT infrastructure.

"I need a calendar that allows me to collect data from visitors and measure analytics."

Active Calendar lets you create custom questions so you can collect critical information about your site visitors or event attendees. It also syncs with Google Analytics so you can pinpoint how much traffic your calendar site is generating.

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